Mel Wainwright Jazzsinger & Vocal Coach

WELCOME on 3rd floor

Hereinspaziert, Hereinspaziert .... Welcome and Bienvenue


Hier wird gesungen.

Hier wird musiziert.

Es wird Klavier gespielt.

Und unterrichtet.

Es riecht nach Jazzmusik.

Halb Britin halb Deutsche - und 100% ige Rheinländerin lebt Mel in Berlin Charlottenburg.
Sie nahm 3 CDs auf. Zwei Jazz live CD´s und eine Chanson CD mit Berliner Silber.

Born in June, british citizen grew up in a happy childhood based in Rhineland Germany. As far as i can remember there was singing. Always in my life. At school, the church choir and a big gospel choir called „Crescendo“. 
At the age of 17 she decided to focus on her own development and started a career as a  rock singer in a girls band.
Until she found what she´s headed for: Jazzmusic.
Ella Fitzgerald‘s „Airmail special“ scat  - first sight first love  - from that moment she knew that this music´s gonna be her love of life.
 Singing Diploma in Copenhagen and the Diploma for pedagogics in Cologne.
Mel Wainwright is a happy mother of 2 grown up girls and a proud member of the international Berlin Jazzscene.