Mel Wainwright Jazzsinger & Vocal Coach

 WELCOME on 3rd floor ...

Als Britin, geboren im Rheinland, lebt sie jetzt in Berlin. Dort etabliert sie sich in der internationalen Berliner Jazzszene.

Sie nahm 3 CDs auf, sang in Düren, Maastricht und Tokio, auf Rock und Jazz-Festivals, in Clubs, auf Vernissagen, in Museen, im Zirkus, unter Brücken, auf Events und Hochzeiten, in kleinen Gärten und großen Parks, in zierlichen und imposanten Kirchen, zu Wasser und zu Land.

Hier mit Berliner Silber

Diese CD können Sie noch bestellen.

Born in June, british citizen grew up in a happy childhood based in Rhineland Germany.
She always sang. In the school, the church and in a big gospel choir called „Crescendo“ where she had a lot of concerts with.  
At the age of 17 she decided to focus on her own development and starts a career as a  rock singer in a girls band. Jimi Hendrix Tunes and originals.

Until she found the love of her live: Jazzmusic.
A CD leant in a library with Ella Fitzgerald‘s „Airmail special“ scat  on it - from that moment she knew from the depth of her heart that this gonna be her big love.

So she studied Singing and pedagogics in Copenhagen and Cologne where she had some good beers and trüffel, too.

Since 2000 she works as a singer and a vocal coach, recorded 3 CD‘s. One of them is a chanson CD „Berliner Silber“ therefore she composed the songs.

Melanie Wainwright is a happy mother of 2 grown up girls and proud of being a member of the international Berlin Jazzscene - one who is surviving in Berlin with singing Jazz and teaching only.                                           frei nach Anton Chekhov